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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


If I haven't said it before Ill say it again...Fall IS my favorite season!  No, it isn't because I love raking leaves constantly for a month straight or...the rain we can get for days at a time either, I rather hate both of them two factors...Its the colors and the different smells...that you don't see at any other time of year.  Fall flowers are one way to stretch out the gardening season until the bitter end.
I hadn't put much thought into fall gardening until a few years back when I started taking note of my neighbor's garden which, in October, still had beautiful color.  The mums were particularly striking and that was the day I went in search of them.  I planted the mums in but lost a few plants over winter.  come to find out, fall is not a good time to plant them.  The roots don't have time to grow since all the energy is concentrated on producing the flowers, so I propagate them in fall with cutting for my daughters and friends to plant in the spring.  I have a large garden window in my kitchen and this works great!
This is my new mum I got this year, couldn't resist the beautiful red color, or the basket it was in.  I realize I probably wont be able to save it over winter but I will cut it off and put it in the garage and see what happens.  I have did many cutting of this mum and they are doing well so one way or another I will have some! 

I picked up this beautiful purple flowered mum last year and it is striking and the flowers are just starting to bloom.  The other pictures below are more mums, hope you enough them as much as I do!

Happy Autumn to all!


  1. Oh your Mums are just beautiful! what vibrant colors. How great that you can keep them going year after year with cuttings! :)

  2. I enjoy mums too. Each fall I case all the nurserys looking for the best selection. Too many places grow them with their pots scrunched together and they don't have as nice a shape. I buy them by the car load but have only saved a few. It seems the colors I prefer don't come in hardy varieties. Also, I am lax about keeping them pinched back. :( But I have a few here and there to brighten the late summer garden.

    A couple of years ago, while on a Sunday drive I saw a garden with the most GORGEOUS mums. They were shrub sized... no less than 4 feet tall and perfectly kept.

  3. Beautiful fall flowers! Wish I were as eager as you about fall gardening. I can see it pays off.

  4. I love the beautiful bright pink Mum. I need to get some Mums going at our house! Nancy