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Thursday, March 29, 2012


After spring had officially sprung, I started filling up the garden window with pans of peat pellets filled with seeds.  The weather isn't as warm as it was before spring started, but at least the sun was warm and my seeds did massively sprout.

I did 4 broccoli seeds on march 13th and 3 did come up.

sugar snap pea sprouts


Yellow squash, cucumbers, zucchini and herbs
Here are some of my coleus cuttings that managed to get out into the green house to bask in the sun during the warm weather.  They ended up back in the house during the cold snap we had this week.  We are expecting a beautiful 70 degree weekend, cant wait to get back out there and work up a few more gardens!
Happy gardening everyone!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


The end of winter flowed graciously into spring here where I live.  We have had record breaking temps and the compost left in the box over the winter is all thawed and workable.  I have been turning the compost daily for a week now and have noticed a huge breakdown in the debris already.  We added pond sludge in the box also for the spring pond clean up...this should be a great box of dirt when its done.

I also started another area to keep my brown material in for the season, which I add as I go along.  My husband is in the process of building me another box so it will have a real place to be placed soon.

I made this new raised garden at the end of last year to use up all the rich dirt I made last year and cant wait to plant it.

I also used some to make a new rhubarb patch.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


It has been a beautiful end to winter here.  Spring has not even officially begun yet and we have had 60 and 70 degree temps by the shores of Lake Michigan.  Here are a few pictures of spring in my garden.

All the ice is gone from the pond


More fish

My new pot man, waiting in the greenhouse for some "hair"

Basil sprouts

Hope everyone is enjoying the new season and are enjoying there gardens as much as I am enjoying mine!

Friday, March 9, 2012


As any gardener knows, a winter can be long or seem longer than it is.  Our green thumbs start twitching and we look for something to do that pertains to gardening.  My new project a few weeks ago was to see if seeds that are older then a few years old would germinate.  I got the idea from all the older seed packs I have and figured Id give it a seed pack was from 2006.

On February 23 I planted:

Marigold seeds-3 years old
Sweet Williams-3 years old
Bunny tails-6 years old
Cardinal Climber Vine-3 years old
Hyacinth Bean Vine-3 years old
Red Salvia-3 years old
Nicotinia-3 years old
Cherry delphiniums-3 years old

The success was amazing and it makes me wonder why people have always told me not to use seeds from the last year...always buy new.    I have used veggie seeds from the year before for years with good results.  I will continue this practice!

Sweet Williams

Bunny Tails

Cherry Delphiniums and Red Salvia

Hyacinth bean and Cardinal climber

Marigold-didn't get many

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I was actually quit bummed by the fact that we were going to have a snowstorm so late in winter.  Yes I no, we hadn't had no snow all winter( very unusual in Wisconsin ) but its too late now, spring is right around the corner!  My daffodil's were peeking out of the ground just the other day only to be blanketed with white stuff.

I hope that blankets warm enough!

My pond was thawing nicely from all the unseasonable warm temps we had this winter and as I looked down in the water I actually could see a few fish moving around.

I was also going to start getting my greenhouse ready for plants, and get the pots all cleaned and ready.  Foiled again by mother nature (that b#t#h)!

This is my second home during planting season

My poor potting shed, waiting for better days

Well enough grumbling about is what it is!  For now I will get my gardening fix in the house and use my mini greenhouse!

Look at all the lovely experiments!