Gardening, with a passion, everyday!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


It has been cold in Wisconsin again, but things are still growing...outside and in the house.

I took my tuberous begonia out of the basement a week ago and it is budding nicely

My clematis is doing great


Miniature rose bush

Some of my sugar snap pea plants.  We have had frost at night so I keep them covered with milk jugs to protect them and keep them warm

A planter full of radishes in the green house

Cattails starting to come up in the back of the pond

I have a garden window full of vegetable plants that grew faster then anticipated but it is not nearly warm enough to plant anything except the cool weather plants outside at this time...I'm keeping my fingers cross that it warms up soon!  Happy Gardening!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I want to thank everyone who enjoyed my soda bottle terrariums and for all the great comments.  I want to update everyone on how the little seedlings are doing after 2 weeks.

These are the tomato sprouts, I replanted them after 2 weeks of being in the bottle

Dill sprouts.  I already have more seeds in the bottles since these came up so good

lastly, cilantro

Also, the geraniums I overwintered in the paper bags are growing great, this is how big they are after two weeks!

The weather has turned cold here, I'm thinking winter and spring had there seasons mixed up, but I guess we wait patiently and keep gardening in the House!  Happy Gardening everyone!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The weather hasn't been as nice here, in April, as it had been in March, but my growing season still goes on.  I discovered a good way to germinate seeds again this year, and had to ask myself, "why didn't I think of that sooner"!

Soda bottles work great on a window sill for germinating seeds

Tomato seedling growing in there homemade terrarium

I also has geranium roots overwintered in paper bags in the basement, soaked them and planted them up last week and they have sprung to life quickly!

This one has a little flower blossom on it.

My vegetable sprouts are growing right along in the garden window and my hope is the weather will continue to improve daily so planting can take place by the end of may, I'm crossing my fingers!  Happy gardening everyone!