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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I want to thank everyone who enjoyed my soda bottle terrariums and for all the great comments.  I want to update everyone on how the little seedlings are doing after 2 weeks.

These are the tomato sprouts, I replanted them after 2 weeks of being in the bottle

Dill sprouts.  I already have more seeds in the bottles since these came up so good

lastly, cilantro

Also, the geraniums I overwintered in the paper bags are growing great, this is how big they are after two weeks!

The weather has turned cold here, I'm thinking winter and spring had there seasons mixed up, but I guess we wait patiently and keep gardening in the House!  Happy Gardening everyone!

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  1. Really liking how the geraniums look. Nice to find a way to start seeds so well.