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Friday, June 1, 2012


The bullfrog tadpoles and our pond snails arrived this week, to say we were excited is an understatement!

13 tadpoles made it here alive.

Here my husband is releasing them

Some had legs, some didnt

Trapdoor snails

We also added 6 new Koi to the pond and some new plants...everything is looking good and the algae bloom is almost gone.  It has been cool here this week and feels like fall but is suppose to warm back up this weekend.   I dont mind alittle cool as long as things still grow,,,nothing will keep me from my gardens! 


  1. Those are great! I never thought about having tadpoles shipped in. They're huge. Hope you have lots of singing frogs!

  2. we really want a pond too! love yours. then we can raise frogs and toads in something more permanent than my daughters kiddie pool.