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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Alot of new things have been happening around the pond.  One new thing is we ordered some bullfrog tadpoles and trapdoor snails that will be here today.  We dont like using chemicals in the pond and this will be a great natural way to keep the pond clean.  The bullfrogs will just be a great thing to watch for our grandchildren, and us of course!

Our potmen have finally made it to the pond and are happy as can be with there new hair!  They make a great addition and focal point for any visiter to our pond area.

My little pond guy relaxing at the edge

This is my new bigger guy with his spiked hair

We also put up a new solid fence in the back to make it more secluded.  I love to be up by my pond and relax by myself away from the nosey neighbors and kids who try to throw things into the pond!

The monarch butterflys are early in our area this year, probally from the unpredictable weather we had all winter.  We didnt see any until July last year.   The milkweed is just big enough to lay thre eggs on.

Monarch butterfly eggs on milkweed

Butterfly/hummingbird garden

I will update as soon as my snails and bullfrog tadpoles are in the pond and moving around...Its very exciting here, around the pond!

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  1. I love seeing everyone's ponds. Yours is very nice. Pretty good size. The pot guys are fun! Can't wait to see how much the hair grows.