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Thursday, August 30, 2012


I'm finally out of that boot and getting around on my own now...just going a little slower as to not irritate the healing bone. 
Things are not looking good in my garden...period!  I have tried so hard as I hobbled around, to keep every thing watered, but with no rain and the ground so dry it was hard for the water to even soak in.  To give you an idea of how dry it is here, I have not had to mow my lawn for a month, its all brown and crispy.
My pond is yuck!  We have not been able to keep up with the algae bloom and since we don't use chemicals its been a losing battle.
Mr pot man is fading fast and on his last leg,er,pot
And so much for my squash and tomatoes
So if everyone could think rain for us here, it would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. August is just the ugliest month on the garden isn't it? I'm dry too, not as bad as you though. The weeds are INSANE this year (sigh)