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Thursday, September 13, 2012


As most of you know, it wasn't a really good gardening season for me.  If you don't remember I will refresh your memory......
Ah yes...the boot.  I hobbled around with this on from June 5th until the beginning of September.  It is finally off but summer is pretty much done and I'm just in time to do the fall clean-up.
The filtration in the pond is pulled and only the aerators are running to get the fish threw the winter.  The pond is covered with the net to keep the falling leaves out.  Because of the hot summer...which barely happens here....algae was a big problem and the pond was never clear.  Oh well, theirs always next year.
I also want to thank my helpers.  I'm almost sure I couldn't of done it without them (not).
All in all I'm just glad my leg has finally healed and there is always fall to look forward to....which is my most favorite time of the year!




  1. Glad your leg is all healed up. :) Hope you enjoy a great fall season!

  2. Are those Price Charles dogs? At first I thought they were cockers until I saw their tails. We have a brown cocker. Love cockers! Nancy