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Saturday, September 29, 2012


So as we put the gardens to sleep for the winter and do the last bit of clean up, I wonder to myself if I will survive the long winter.  I guess I wonder that every year as this time approaches!
I was laid up with a bad leg most of the summer so I feel shafted out of a season plus it was so dry here the gardens just withered away......But.......
I'm stocking up....yup, getting ready so to speak, with great new Ideas.  I'm going to be busy  busy, researching new plants and Ideas.
This is what gets me threw the harshness of winter.  Yes they are only books but to a gardener they are more then that, these chase my winter blues away! Every gardener knows what im talking about.

These are my new gardening encyclopedias....I'm not into clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc....I'm a book junkie!
These Garden Gate Magazine's are the best ever!
And of course we get Birds and Blooms AND Birds and Blooms extra which my hubby loves to read so I told him I ordered them for him (hehehe)
I'm feeling pretty good about the up coming dread of winter...I think I'm going to be just fine....Oh and Ill be cooking from my new veggie cookbook too!
Isn't she a beauty!


  1. Funny, after the heat of this Summer (and a bad gardening result) I'm actually looking forward to Fall and Winter for something different. That's just nutty!

    Do you think I've got heat stroke?

  2. My summer was a bomb too. Hoping for better health next year and the same to you. Have started working on garden plans for next year also! Nancy