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Friday, March 9, 2012


As any gardener knows, a winter can be long or seem longer than it is.  Our green thumbs start twitching and we look for something to do that pertains to gardening.  My new project a few weeks ago was to see if seeds that are older then a few years old would germinate.  I got the idea from all the older seed packs I have and figured Id give it a seed pack was from 2006.

On February 23 I planted:

Marigold seeds-3 years old
Sweet Williams-3 years old
Bunny tails-6 years old
Cardinal Climber Vine-3 years old
Hyacinth Bean Vine-3 years old
Red Salvia-3 years old
Nicotinia-3 years old
Cherry delphiniums-3 years old

The success was amazing and it makes me wonder why people have always told me not to use seeds from the last year...always buy new.    I have used veggie seeds from the year before for years with good results.  I will continue this practice!

Sweet Williams

Bunny Tails

Cherry Delphiniums and Red Salvia

Hyacinth bean and Cardinal climber

Marigold-didn't get many


  1. They tell you that to sell more seeds. LOL! No. I have used left over seeds from previous years and they usually germinate for me too. Looking at all of those seedlings your are doing wonderful Debbie.

  2. It's so great you have a greenhouse! We plant to add some similar structure in the future so we can start many many more plants. :)