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Sunday, March 4, 2012


I was actually quit bummed by the fact that we were going to have a snowstorm so late in winter.  Yes I no, we hadn't had no snow all winter( very unusual in Wisconsin ) but its too late now, spring is right around the corner!  My daffodil's were peeking out of the ground just the other day only to be blanketed with white stuff.

I hope that blankets warm enough!

My pond was thawing nicely from all the unseasonable warm temps we had this winter and as I looked down in the water I actually could see a few fish moving around.

I was also going to start getting my greenhouse ready for plants, and get the pots all cleaned and ready.  Foiled again by mother nature (that b#t#h)!

This is my second home during planting season

My poor potting shed, waiting for better days

Well enough grumbling about is what it is!  For now I will get my gardening fix in the house and use my mini greenhouse!

Look at all the lovely experiments!


  1. As far as your daffodils go, they should be fine with the blanket of snow. The blanket of snow will actually protect them.

  2. Maybe winter is saying its last hurrah's. We can hope Debbie. LOL! We are having snow flurries today so winter is still showing us who is boss too.

  3. I'd take the snow. Moisture is really needed here.
    Your garden shed is cute! You'll be out there before you know it.

  4. I keep telling myself NOT to start my tomatoes and peppers yet. We haven't had ANY ice or snow or freezing rain at all this winter. We'll likely get zapped in April.

  5. Hopefully this is the last round of snow for all of us. It's time to think about spring. I'm looking forward to seeing your pond in spring and summer, it looks really nice!