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Saturday, March 24, 2012


The end of winter flowed graciously into spring here where I live.  We have had record breaking temps and the compost left in the box over the winter is all thawed and workable.  I have been turning the compost daily for a week now and have noticed a huge breakdown in the debris already.  We added pond sludge in the box also for the spring pond clean up...this should be a great box of dirt when its done.

I also started another area to keep my brown material in for the season, which I add as I go along.  My husband is in the process of building me another box so it will have a real place to be placed soon.

I made this new raised garden at the end of last year to use up all the rich dirt I made last year and cant wait to plant it.

I also used some to make a new rhubarb patch.


  1. Love your blog! Your pond looks absolutely gorgeous... we'd love to have one here but I'm afraid it's going to be a while with so many projects on our list, LOL.

    1. I do too seem to have many projects on the list... lol! Love the pond! unfortunately no room in my space for one!
      Happy Gardening!