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Friday, May 18, 2012


Mays weather has been unpredictable to say the least.  Its still a bit chilly most days to keep plants out even though I have managed to keep my cool weather veggies growing and my over wintered geranium happy to be outside again.

The pond has the overwintered spikes planted around it now and the cattails in the back are getting big.  The honeysuckle vine next to the green house is ready to bloom.  The dog under the vine is checking out the little birds nest built there.

A few pond lily pads have finally reached the top of the pond

My container cabbage and broccoli are growing great


And my radishes are finally ready to eat

I also put in a small potato patch and they are growing great in the cool weather too.
We cant forget the geranium....

I find myself really busy now with the extra gardening and yard work so I don't blog as often but to me that's a good thing.  Hope every ones gardening is going great too!
Enjoy the spring!


  1. Hi Debbie, I'm with you, now that the weather is warming up and all the gardening chores await, there's not enough time to blog! Working in the garden is the best, anyway :)

  2. Your veggies are looking so god Debbie. I never thought about growing radishes in a container. Great idea. I quit trying to grow them in our hard clay soil because they would never amount to anything so I will have to remember this idea. Your new waterlily leaves look so pretty coming up. It has been beautiful here all week and I am worn out with all the chores.LOL! Have a great weekend.