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Monday, May 7, 2012

Things are looking up in the garden....finally!

Finally things are starting to warm up a bit and I was able to do more outdoor gardening.  My seedlings had gotten so big in the house, that even thought it might not be as warm as the plants like, I had to stick a few in the ground.  So far so good, they are holding there own.  I am also hardening off a few in the green house.

My planter radishes are almost ready to eat.

Coleus cuttings from last October, they got huge!

Hardening off the tomatoes

One of the overwintered geraniums

My helper, Rudy





Hope everybody is enjoying there gardens too!


  1. Hi Debbie, Rudy is sooo cute! I love his eyes. Your veggies look wonderful. I love your blog's background photo too--makes me hungry! :) Love those coleus cuttings too. Great color!

  2. Looks like your plants are doing great! Won't it be nice when the weather is consistent!

  3. Love it when everything can go outside where it can really grow. Your garden helper is toooo cute!