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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Still longing for spring,and with the few inches of snow and freezing temperatures arriving on Friday, it dampened my spirits just a little.  Gardening is just in my blood and I do find a way to do some all winter long.  My new adventure is leaf lettuce in my garden window.

Lettuce is a cool weather crop and I figured there would be perfect conditions in my garden window...Plenty of light, plenty of sun but also cool enough to get some good germination on the seeds.   I put some jiffy seed starter in a domed planter flat, sprayed with a nice drink of water, spread with a thin layer of seed, sprinkled on a bit more dirt, sprayed again and put the dome on.  Then into the window it went

 So after 5 days, here is what the lettuce looks like and it is actually sprouting, so actually another winter gardening experiment has been successful!

Here the lettuce seeds after 7 days

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