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Saturday, January 21, 2012


     My husband and I have dabbled in numerous different things since all the kids have left the nest.  We took on six dogs, started a few blogs( emptynestersfamilydaily and healthy comfort ) and decided to try our hand at lampworking.

     Since being an avid gardener, I embraced lampworking as a way to be in touch with nature threw glass.  Beads were created with birds, butterflies, flowers, ladybugs, etc.....whatever we were able to put in the glass. I am proud to say that people all over the world wear these little glass marvels on there wrist.  This has turned into a wonderful hobby and a business venture for us on ebay.

A blue swallowtail butterfly

a cardinal
A monarch butterfly among yellow daisy's
 A large monarch butterfly
a robin under glass
These are just some of the beads that we create on a weekly basis to share with other nature loving people.  What a good feeling to wear a part of your garden on your wrist in the off season.

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