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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


     With the weather being so nice this winter, I have thought about outdoor gardening alot!  With no snow on the ground I told myself many times that we must be going to have a REALLY early spring.  I couldn't hardly bear to see the ground with not a flower or vegetable plant growing out of it!  We all no in actuality, that spring doesn't officially start for another 56 days and around here planting still can't start until the end of may...That's along time yet for a passionate gardener!

     I have saved alot of recyclables over the winter, as I always do, to use in my garden.  Soda bottles large and small and milk jugs work great for planting containers and for covering plants at night as the nights can still get cold in the beginning.

Great way to recycle!

Put the top of the soda bottle into the bottom.  It makes a great planting container and any extra water will drain to the bottom

The bottom of the milk jug makes a great planting container for seedling, just punch in a few holes.

I also save all my paper towel and toilet paper cardboard rolls.  They are awesome for making compost as brown material.  I also save my coffee grounds and filters and peelings from fruits and vegetables

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