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Friday, January 13, 2012


     I love gardening, I wish I lived somewhere that I could garden outdoors, all year long.  With no snow in Wisconsin until January 12th and extremely warm temperatures during the day (especially for being winter) I had that gardeners itch bad! 

     One new thing that I did do this past fall was take cuttings from my favorite plants, something I had never attempted.  Not really knowing what I was doing but willing to experiment.  I took  3 inch cuttings from all the different coleus plants I had.  Wow, they all took off as you can see.  The cuttings from the double impatience also took off quickly and after 3 months are not looking the best, not sure if they will last until the end of may.
coleus cuttings from october 2011

Another coleus cutting from oct 2011

Double Impatience not doing so good

This is a cutting that was 3 inches (from oct 2011)
     My other experiment was how to overwinter my geraniums so I wouldn't have to keep buying so many year after year.  I had read about different ways too keep them so I thought Id try a few, which both involved paper bags.  I left 2 potted geraniums in there original form, watered them good, slapped a paper bag over the top and put then in a dark corner in the basement.  Numerous other ones were soaked in water for two hour and layed in paper bags.  The tops of the bags are folded down, but not sealed.  Those too were put in a dark corner.  All they need is to be soaked for 2 hours once a month and actually are doing good( they have been in the bags since October) The potted ones also need to be watered.
Overwintered potted geranium

Bagged geraniums

     I also attempted a few Rex begonia cuttings and 1 actually took, it hasn't grown, but it hasn't died either.  It has been a great winter to be able to still garden in the house!

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