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Monday, January 30, 2012


Spikes are an awesome accent plant that can be saved from year to year.  I dig them out before frost, put them in a bucket of water and keep them in a cool dark corner in the basement.   After that they only need a little more water as the levels drop...simple and worth the money you save replacing them in the spring.

Spikes grow in full sun or shade which makes it a versatile plant for the ground or in container planting.  They enjoy having there feet wet, so a good drink of water daily is in order.  Fertilize weekly with a good 20-20-20 blend will also make a spike very happy.

Spikes can be set outside when the temps are 60 degrees during the day.  I set mine in my unheated green house and keep them there over night without any problems.  I can usually replant them by the end of May here in Wisconsin.

The spikes stay green in the basement and may have a few brown leaves on the bottom of the plant that can be pulled off before planting in the spring.

I use spikes as a showy accent around my pond

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  1. Oh, I just love your garden! I didn't realize you could do this with spikes. I'm guessing they are probably safe here in the dessert, year round, but still really interesting.

    Your greenhouse looks intriguing. I'm off to check out your blog further! Have a great night.