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Sunday, January 15, 2012


     Wild milkweed, what can I say about It?  It isn't a pretty plant, but the monarch butterfly thinks so!

     I first became accustomed to the milkweed plant on a hiking trip.  It was covered with monarch butterflies dancing an awesome dance,  lingering on each leaf for a moment, then moving on.  I mentally thought to myself...gotta take a few of them home.

     I planted my wild milkweed in my butterfly garden. Nothing came up the year I planted them, so I thought they were just not compatible with our naturalized way of life.  Boy, was I wrong!  The next year the milkweed came up with a vengeance.  There was so many milkweed plants that I had to pull some to make my garden look like there was a few flowers in it.  The ones that were left flourish and towered over all the other flowers.

     I noticed that there were green caterpillar's up and down the leaves and stems of the milkweed.  Upon further investigation I also noticed what looked like eggs.  I decided to make an aquarium for my new caterpillars to see what would happen.  I picked caterpillars of all sizes and put a leave or two of milkweed in there every day....The leaves started disappearing and the caterpillars started growing.

     I had quite a few cocoons all summer long and new there schedule well. Now me and my grand kids have made collecting caterpillars a summer long adventure!


getting ready to emerge


Finished emerging

Getting ready to start life

Another beautiful monarch

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  1. How beautiful!! I had a chrysalis on the side of our house last summer and was able to take lots of pic, unfortunately before I could download them to our home server the computer crashed, all was lost. I am hoping someone make a home in our new butterfly house, we have tons of caterpillars